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ESF1500-24, Fine Suntronix Power Supply 전문수리(Repair), 판매(Sale)

tree care with quads | mn1806 2300kv vs f30 2800kv

first quad:
runner4 mn1806 2300kv 4x4x3 hqprop kiss mio p2 4s1300 30c runcam sky+
second quad:
morphite155 f30 2800kv 4x4x3 hqprop kiss esc 18a kiss fc 4s1300 40c runcam owl
Randy Lachman : hello!
Shane Matthews : Daaaaam those f30s are fast
Beezweks : Crazy Motors man... i need a set of those
Ben : dude tell me you have some FPV footage from that
SirCrashaLot : Its good to see it in good hands.
Personally thou I wonder more about the 1707-3900kv for 3" battery toaster on triple HQs or quads. Say MRP130, Shrieker, or Dquad.

Acceleration Battle | BMW 330i (F30) vs 335i (E92) | 252 vs 306 hp | NEW vs OLD

This battle is very interesting because 335i E92 has DCT 7speed gearbox, which is honestly even a bit faster than new 8speed ZF in F30 LCi. BMW + R6 turbo = LOVE!
#Autobahn #DragRace #BMW
Same part of autobahn. Same driver. Dry conditions.
Alexander L : Love the design from the e92 speedometer
Juan Vazquez : 330d f30 vs 335d e92




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