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Canon EOS 500 - Quick Thoughts

A quick summary of thoughts on the Canon EOS 500 35mm film SLR, and close counterparts from Canon's EF mount range.

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My Canon EOS 3 review -

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James van der Moezel : The fatal flaw of this camera is that you are stuck in AI Focus in P, Tv, Av & M.
første siste : I had a Eos 5, but switched to Eos 500 to get something lighter for travel&hiking. Excellent basic camera IMO.
Jen O'Hogan : I snagged Elliott Erwitt's NY & Paris books a couple of years ago, they're so good and affordable. I love how pocketable they are.
Kevin Hoelscher : I have the Elan 1 and the Elan 7ne (US names). I got the Elan 1 for $10 in perfect condition. They're great. Better in almost every aspect than cameras from the 80's, except for style and tactile feel. Really good value SLRs for beginners. I agree the pancake 40mm is perfect for these cameras too. I put that on the Elan 1 and gave it to me girlfriend to start getting into photography, and she loves the combo.
Great livestream!
Carl Tanner : I bought my brother the 500N and he loves it :D I have a 3000N and it's a good camera as well. These cameras look small with a nifty fifty added onto them. The pancake lenses would look even smaller. I have a 7Artisans 85mm f/2 that's not too large and looks OK on the cameras. I mainly use that lens on my 1100D for astropics. It's good for capturing the Magellanic Clouds as they fill the FoV just nicely :D


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Cristal Nuno : love how the pictures came out. i just go with the disposable cameras since its easier for me to use lol but would love a more upgrade film camera.
Mari Guzman : You captured them so poetically! You definitely have the creative eye ✨ love the video
Sungrownmedi : hey babe
SiTReP 24 : On the thumbnail, the lense cap is still on‍♂️
Jhan : Thanks for sharing, Helina. I recently purchased a similar Canon Film camera (Elan 7) on Amazon. I'm on my second roll. Can't wait to see the pics that come from it!
Did you use a local shop to develop the film?

Canon EOS 500 (Rebel XS, EOS Kiss) Review & Manual 1: History, Layout, Features, Functions & Buttons

The Canon EOS 500 (Rebel XS in North America and EOS Kiss in Japan) was a slight step up from the first generation of entry-level Canon EOS Rebel cameras. The camera used the same basic layout as the earlier EOS Rebel camera but with different, and smaller, batteries, a quieter shutter, better ergonomics, and a few other improvements.

#CanonEOS500 #CanonEOSRebelXS #CanonEOSKiss

Video Index:
Skip the Intro: 0:15
Canon EOS 500 Overview: 0:46
Canon EOS 500 Features -- Top: 4:55
Canon EOS 500 Features -- Front: 5:32
Canon EOS 500 Features -- Back: 5:45
Canon EOS 500 Features -- Bottom: 6:12
Canon EOS 500 Features -- Inside: 6:20
Notes on the Canon EOS 500: 7:38
Things NOT to do with your Canon EOS 500: 9:01
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Casa de Chrisso : Stupid question, but... are there any other camera companies doing those silly naming schemes for different regions? :) Furthermore, does it "work"? I think it's funny how it sums up the stereotypes they must have of their customer base... the "rebel" cowboy with gunbelt and Harley, the Japanese romantic watching schoolgirl anime after work (seriously, kissing is the last thing I'd associate with a camera even though it's close to the face), and last but not least the utterly boring and rational European, probably German, with no hobbies, kinks or interests whatsoever....
Kristijan Franjo Ivančić : Hello! Can you suggest one Canon film camera (EF MOUNT only!) with 100% image. Many thanx!
TheBongoMan : Just found my mum's Canon EOS 500 in storage and am planning to use it, so thank you for the information!
ferrari z : Moreeee moreeeeee I love ur video very informative
Isaiah Martinez : You are the best reviewer on YouTube, wish u the best!




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