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What Size O-ring Do I Need? By PREAT Corporation


Chris Bormes - President of Preat Corporation about O-Ring sizes and how to accurately measure what you really need. Watch as they go through o ring dental implants and o ring dental attachments as well as mini-implant o-rings. They'll go through o-ring servicing steps and go through o ring design to help you determine the various o'ring sizes that is best for your implant. o'rings and o-ring replacement is made easy with tools that can be purchased through the preat store. Watch and learn more.

Preat is heavily invested in the success of our dental professional partners (Dental Technicians, Dentists, and Denturists) and therefore want to provide you technical support on YouTube as well! View our videos for troubleshooting tips, product information, and more.

Call us: 1-800-232-7732
Visit us online: https://www.preat.com
Email us: technical@preat.com

O-Ring Sizing Tools

To learn all you need to know about sizing o-rings, visit:

For accurate o-ring sizing, use these tools which can all be purchased at https://www.globaloring.com/buy/accessories/o-ring-sizing-devices.html

Featuring the silhouettes of 239 different o-ring sizes use our Laminated Size Chart for AS568 sizes.

Place your o-ring on our molded sizing cone to see if it is one of our 184 most popular sizes.

This sliding gauge can measure the inside diameter of an o-ring up to 13 inches.

A preferred tool for precise measurement, our sliding caliper can measure the diameter and length of many components – not just o-rings.

This specially design o-ring measuring tape comes in three different sizes and is used to measure the ID of metric and AS568 o-rings up to 26 inches.

Our precision engineered pi-tapes measure to the thousandths of an inch.

Global O-Ring carries a full line of o-rings in all standard AS568 and metric sizes. We’re also here to guide you through the sizing process. Call or come visit our Houston warehouse for more help on sizing o-rings.

Global O-Ring and Seal
Toll Free: 1-877-448-5550
14450 JFK Blvd.
Houston, TX 77032

“All-Around Better”




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